Thursday 3 December, 2020

Kalime Bar in Piaye a perfect beach hideaway for food and drinks

Sharine Joseph at Kalime Bar

Sharine Joseph at Kalime Bar

If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a drink in hand, toes in sand, luxurious cocktails and delicious food paired with breathtaking ocean views, then Kalime Bar in Piaye, Choiseul does it best.

This place is a stylish beach restaurant and fabulous lounge bar with a rustic wooden décor complete with barrel tables and hand-crafted wooden seating. The perfect hideaway.

Kalime Bar came into existence thanks to the vision of Clinton Labadie who saw the sands of the Piaye beach as the perfect environment for seafood platters, tropical cocktails and good healthy fun. In 2015 he opened up the business alongside his wife Lavern James and named it ‘Kalime’ after a vine which occupied most of the area at the time.

The atmosphere at Kalime is unpretentious, fun and casual. You can feast on an array of seafood including their famous seafood boil and Fridays are designated for everyone who loves to overload on all their favorite ocean delicacies.

Kalime wings with breadfruit balls

In addition, they serve some of the juiciest, most glorious burgers paired with fresh salad and the most amazing breadfruit balls packed with endless flavor. The Kalime wings are a combination of so many things that I love. The outside is nice and crispy, the inside is oh-so succulent and packed with flavor and then there’s the sticky sauce that gets all over your mouth and fingers… yummy.


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Aside from the exceptional food, a well-stocked bar awaits. Ensure that you try out their signature cocktail ‘Kalime’ which is fantastic. Furthermore, if you would like the place all to yourself, the property is available for rent to accommodate any event. Although the business suffered a few major blows this year including a fire in May, a break-in in June, where most of their property was stolen and of course being shut down as a result of the COVID pandemic, the owners remain optimistic.


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“Finance is our biggest struggle and being closed for six months was a major loss of revenue but nothing good comes easy. It is a lot of hard work but it is a great experience running this place.”

You can stop by their Family Funday on October 4, for a fun-filled day with lots of activities for everyone. Find Kalime Bar on Facebook and Instagram @kalimebar or call 1-758-712-4590.

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