Monday 6 July, 2020

Kimberly Williams De Leon's Aunt Stages One-Woman March for Justice

Alix Williams

Alix Williams

It has now been seven months since Kimberly Williams De Leon, a mother of two, was shot and killed at her home at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune at about 10:30 p.m. on October 29, 2018.

De Leon's aunt Alix Williams told Loop News that she will do anything to keep the memory of her niece alive, to keep the public abreast of the case and most of all to pressure police into solving the murder.

Police to date have given no substantive update on the case, a situation that has not gone down well with the family of the deceased. The frustrations have spurred Alix Williams to action, as she took to the streets in downtown Castries this week to protest what she claimed was police inactivity in the case.

Loop News spoke with Williams in Constitution Park as she held a double-sided placard calling for justice for her slain niece. “Today is seven months since my niece departed from us and so I have decided to hold a one-woman march. No answers as yet, nobody wants to say anything,” Williams said.

Williams said police do not want her family to talk about the case. She told Loop that she is unhappy with the pace at which the investigation is moving along. “We need answers. What is on that board (placard) is just the tip of the iceberg. When I come out with another placard it will be bigger and they will get the Real McCoy on it because I know about it. I know what is going on. I will not call names,” Williams said.

Since Kimberly was fatally shot in October, police have held press conferences in which they promised to leave no stone unturned in their investigations into the matter.

Kimberly's husband, a police officer, was questioned at length by investigators. Police, at the time, deemed him a person of interest but he was never arrested. Others were also questioned in relation to the incident. To date, no one has been arrested.

From the outside looking in, it seems that the case has grown cold, although police have not admitted that, saying instead that the case is very much alive.

It was generally believed that following the completion of the analysis of samples in January of this year that were taken from the murder scene, police would have released more information about the case, however, no update has been given to date.

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