Friday 16 November, 2018

Lead Pipe drops new look before jetting to Trinidad

Lead Pipe on stage in Trinidad (IG image)

Lead Pipe on stage in Trinidad (IG image)

Born Osvaldo Reid, but known to many names including Porgie and Lead Pipe, now the 27-year-old entertainer has changed up his look.

The dread locs are gone.

Despite some people wishing, hoping and begging him to not make the switch, dropping a photo of his new haircut on his Instagram page last week, he said:

"So For The Ppl That Said Leave My Locs On My Head I'm Sorry To Disappoint Yall But Some Change Is Good #NewMe #LeadPipe De Big Cutoff!!!"

To paraphrase, French fashion designer and a businesswoman, 'Coco' Chanel is quoted as saying, "A person who cuts his/her hair is about to change his/her life."

The change came one day after Lead Pipe shared his newest track with Saddis produced at Creek Productions be Simon Pipe, titled My Life (High Life).

Don't ever try to box in Lead Pipe, because together with Saddis, he keeps flipping the script and writing new lines. This new song has a totally different vibe and feel in relation to previous productions by the dynamic duo. According to Lead Pipe, it is "Music For The World To Listen To."

At present Lead Pipe is in Trinidad, doing what he loves - performing on stage.


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