Monday 28 September, 2020

Local skincare line uses everyday food products for perfect skin

Who knew everyday food products could be so ‘beauty-full’?

Ask Blu De Franco, the Laborie-based founder of Blu Organics an organic skincare business with the slogan: “No one has to know you were not born with perfect skin.”

So how do they help you achieve perfect skin? By creating their products using everyday food items found in your kitchen.

Imagine a facial toner made with a glass of red wine, a soap made with a cup of cocoa tea or lotion made with mango juice. Sounds incredible right?

Blu De Franco

If you have ever struggled with eczema, then here is your solution.

As a child, Blu De Franco’s son suffered from bad eczema which no doctor’s prescription could curb. Everything prescribed to him made his skin worse and in addition produced terrible side effects.

She began experimenting with botanical herbs oils and spices which produced a favorable concoction, resulting in her son's full alleviation of eczema. This is how Blu Organics was born.

Blu Organics’ skincare line is comprised of go-to products for better skin, whether you want to improve problematic skin, slow down time with anti-aging or generally get a healthier glow.

Cinnamon spice body scrub

Blu Organics pride themselves on using absolutely no carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and their products are 100% paraben and sulfate free.

They produce body scrubs which get rid of dead skin cells causing skin regeneration, bath oils and lotions to moisturize the skin and an extensive line of soaps which focus on different skin complications.

Each product consists of a unique blend of ingredients designed to treat a variety of skin ailments. For example ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and skin lightening, calendula works for eczema, nettle for itchy skin, papaya for acne, alfalfa for dry skin, thyme for skin rashes, oregano for skin healing among many of the herbs that are used in the making of these incredible products.

So, I declare Blu Organics guilty as charged for the making of quality, organic skincare products. If what you require is solid results, then Blu Organics is for you!

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