Thursday 9 July, 2020

Long promised Castries parking terminals get September target date

More than two years after parking terminals were said to be installed on several streets in the business area of the City of Castries, there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel.

It was in March 2017 during a ceremony to mark the rebranding of the CCC (Castries Constituency Council) that Mayor Peterson Francis first said parking terminals would be installed within weeks in the city.

Since then he has been consistent in saying parking terminals would adorn the streets of the city in the near future, which some Saint Lucians thought was a future that may never arrive.

The CCC, just over a year ago, purchased a number of parking terminals that have been placed in storage awaiting a time to put them in service.

It seems that day is near.

Francis, at a press conference today, June 19, 2019, told reporters that all the CCC is awaiting right now is final clearance from the Development Control Authority (DCA).

“We are waiting for the final go-ahead from the DCA, as you know you need to get permission from the DCA to place these things. We are looking at September as a target date by then we should have these terminals installed and running,” Francis said.

Parking terminals will be installed on 10 streets in the city, according to Francis, with Jeremie Street and Chaussee Road excluded since they are ring roads leading in and out of the city.

For the major thoroughfare of Brazil Street, limited parking will be permitted, meaning terminals will be placed on one side of that street, according to Francis.

All revenues collected from the parking terminals will go to the CCC and will be used in strategic areas under the control of the CCC like beefing up the city constabulary with trained persons, as noted by Francis.

The mayor declined comment on the actual sum per hour the CCC will charge when the terminals are up and running, instead saying the sum would not be exorbitant.

The parking terminals are part of an overall island-wide plan the government has for parking in the country.

Francis gave a small insight into these plans by saying that in due course Saint Lucians will pay for parking online by just using their phones.

He spoke of the Minister for Transportation soon having the authority to declare private vacant spots that could hold a few vehicles, and are close to events with large crowd appeal, as parking areas so as to alleviate traffic congestion at these events.

“If something is happening at Gros Islet and you have a yard big enough to park a few vehicles the minister could declare the yard a parking area. You will be compensated. Any place you have an event that could be done,” Francis said.

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