Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Lucian Child utilizes local ingredients for natural skincare

Lucian Child detoxing, dark spot, acne and exfoliating product combo

Lucian Child detoxing, dark spot, acne and exfoliating product combo

There is a growing trend for natural products that harness the power and strength of nature.

Whether you are looking for something to turn back time or make yourself feel confident again, Lucian Child has all the handmade natural products that you need. They carefully select and use natural ingredients, natural oils, and extracts from plants and combine them with science to create natural, luxurious skin and hair care products that really work and are not compromised by the presence of questionable chemicals.

It all started when son of the soil Marvin Malon Joseph of Ciceron realized that many natural resources on the island were going to waste, so he settled on a plan to convert these resources into byproducts that can be sold. He began experimenting with making soaps and selling them as a hobby since he was employed at the time. As the demand for his products grew, so did his variety. He now produces 18 different soaps, body scrubs, creams, beeswax, natural oils and teas.

“In the beginning, people were a bit skeptical, they didn’t want to try it but now more people are into the products. When I just started the soap business, I started with three or four different types of soaps and I never thought that it would grow so big. Now I have so much variety and I was basically just trying something from scratch.”

Lucian Child’s products have been miraculous in providing relief for anyone with skin or hair issues. Their soaps help alleviate dermatological issues such as eczema, dark spots, skin discoloration, liver spots, stretch marks, dry skin; hair oils for dandruff and to promote growth and specialized creams for skin problems.

Whilst the COVID pandemic has curtailed some of their major sources of income, the young entrepreneur has big plans for his business.

“I want to have a natural store where people could come and get everything. When I traveled overseas and I saw those soap shops, that opened my mind to something bigger. In my mind, I’m thinking of duplicating what I saw.”

Marvin advises upcoming entrepreneurs to find a niche market to promote their products. He says everything may not be perfect in the beginning but keep working on your products until you perfect them. Give it your all.

Lucian Child products are available at Black Amigo store at the Baywalk Mall, the Castries Craft Market, and also in the alley next to Republic Bank and MP. Call 1-758-717-8638 for more information about what's offered or follow them on social media @lucian_child on Instagram and Homemade Organic Soap on Facebook.

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