Sunday 23 February, 2020

Lucian Rastafarian leader: More reparations should follow Glasgow Uni

The decision by Glasgow University to pay 20 million pounds in reparation for slave trade ties is welcomed by the Chairman of the Caribbean Rastafarian Organization (CRO), Saint Lucian Burnet Sealy, who wants to see other organizations who have benefitted from the slave trade follow suit.

“It’s a good move, it’s a positive move. We must applaud the university for admitting that it benefitted from the proceeds of slavery,” Sealy told Loop News in an interview.

The money, which will be paid in cash and kind, will go towards establishing the Glasgow Caribbean Centre for Development Research, with bases at Glasgow University and the University of the West Indies (UWI), to foster partnership between the two academic institutions.

“There are a number of institutions that have benefitted from slavery and colonization, but none of them has taken the steps and admitted they did so,” Sealy said.

He identified some of those institutions and family as insurance agencies, banks, the Church of England, the Royal Family, and a number of other universities in England.

According to Sealy, for years the Rastafarian community has been calling for reparation, which many say will never happen. Sealy said they were called stupid because many say the “white man” will never pay them anything as it relates to reparation.

“Time is proving them wrong. What we think may never happen now, may happen in the next 20 years down the line,” he said.

He added that he is not surprised by the decision by Glasgow University and is confident in the victory of good over evil.

Sealy lamented that some West Indians are living in denial, refusing to admit that they are Africans. He has attributed their thinking to their mindset.

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