Saturday 20 April, 2019

Lucian Shark Tank Winner's 5 Tips for Success

When Loop spoke with Lucian-born Shark Tank winner Joshua Esnard he told us that, "I really think that there is an innovative spirit in many St Lucians minds and I think that we could be the next big hub of the world for inventions and innovations, we just need to keep it moving and stay motivated."

Esnard's invention, the Cut Buddy, is seeing a second wave of soaring sales following his appearance on US-based Shark Tank where he took a deal with multi-millionaire mogul, Daymond John of FUBU fame. The first wave came organically after Youtube videos showing off the "patented multi-curve maintenance edge up, line up, and shape up tool" went viral, accounting for $US 700,000 in sales since the product launched in 2016 prior to Esnard's appearance on the popular show.

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Esnard also told Loop that, "I just got lucky because I was one of the lazy people who just wanted to have a good job and just live life until someone kicked me in the butt," referring to being inspired by his fiancée to finish things he starts and make his dreams a reality.

Having been both a dreamer and a doer, Esnard is in a unique position to offer advice on how others can transition from the dreamer stage into actualizing goals and achieving success, especially to aspiring Lucians. Here are 5 secrets of success from a self-made man.

1. There will always be resistance when you start with an idea and how you deal with that resistance or “haters”, is how you define your business.

2. Don’t be afraid to be the first. Sometimes going with things that already work works but it’s best to be a pioneer because you won’t have any competition.

3. Get yourself a little bit of education in mechanical engineering and some type of graphic design because if you understand that you can invent things easily and get a prototype pretty quickly. You don’t have to know the whole engineering side you just have to understand so that when you get in conversations with the right people then you’re actually educated and not totally lost. Always read. Read any resources, any magazines or podcasts that come out. Every day I spend a little bit of time listening to audiobooks just to get my head clear and just so that I’m educated.

4. Always remember the power of broke mentality. That’s Daymond’s book. Even when your business makes it and when you’re making a lot of money, always go back to when you had zero dollars to run a marketing campaign, what did you do to make that slip into thousands of dollars. That mentality will help you be successful and save money for your business.

5. Don’t ever forget where you came from. These were the people or the places that were with you and supported you before you took off, so always pay homage to where you came from.

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