Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Marigot residents hit out at deplorable road conditions

Some of the potholes at the Marigot Development in the Castries South District

Some of the potholes at the Marigot Development in the Castries South District

Irate residents from the Marigot Development in the Castries South District have hit out at the deplorable road conditions they say are wreaking havoc on their quality of life.

Residents claim they have been forced to contend with the issue for more than three years, with each successive year leading to a worsening of the roads and the "trench-like" potholes making driving and even walking impossible.

One resident, Matilda Glasgow told Loop News the situation has become so unbearable that she has been forced to park up her vehicle and take the bus instead.

“For the past weeks I have not been going to work with my vehicle because it’s a low vehicle and the holes are wide and deep...even if it’s not raining, it’s like driving through a river.”

Another longtime resident, John Glasgow detailed the lengths he has gone to in a desperate bid to improve the situation. But he claims his attempts have proven futile.

"People are not even able to walk through that area. Things have gotten from bad to worst and is costing us residents significantly in repairs to our vehicles. When you come from work and end up in these deep trenches who pays for that? Nobody.”

Ms Glasgow described the problem as a 10 out of 10 in terms of inconvenience for residents. She likened the potholes to deep trenches allowing for large water puddles to form, that she says affects everyone who uses the road.

“If you have to walk, you have to walk through the water, if you have to drive you have to drive through the water. I don’t have children going to school but there are parents here with children who have to walk through it on a daily basis.”

The fed-up residents are adamant some level of resolve must be brought soon to alleviate the worsening condition of the roads at the Marigot Development. 


Loop News reached out to the Housing Department and the Parliamentary Representative for Castries South, Dr Ernest Hilaire but did not receive comment at press time.

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