Saturday 6 June, 2020

Massy says customers must wear masks to gain entry to stores

Managing Director of Massy Stores Saint Lucia, Martin Dorville, has cautioned the public on what is expected of them when they next go shopping at Massy.

Mr Dorville has called on the public to follow the COVID-19 protocols when coming to the various supermarket outlets tomorrow, including wearing a mandatory face mask.

“This is critical so that you can protect yourself from me and I can protect myself from you and with the help of the public, we would like to enforce this, we would like to make sure that if you want entry into the supermarket, that you wear a mask. It could be a bandana, it could be something self-made, but what it does, it prevents distribution of what you call a heavy viral load through droplets and so forth,” Dorville said.

The company, he noted, has taken several measures in adhering to the COVID-19 protocols including implementing distancing markers outside the supermarket and at checkout.

Mr Dorville made the statements Monday as the supermarket chain restock its shelves in preparation of reopening to the public on Tuesday April 7, 2020.

“The large supermarket chain needs time to prepare. We have only one day so you could imagine us trying to put all those things in place while adhering to all the protocols relating to social distancing, because our staff and ourselves have to practice all of the protocols that are currently in place. So we have crews of team members that are coming in manageable groups; coming in to clean, to sanitize the stores, to clear the shelves of dated products particularly when you refer to perishables all of these things have to be cleared out for fresh stock to be put on the shelves.”

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced Sunday evening supermarkets, mini-marts, distributors of food items, gas stations etc would be allowed to restock their shelves on Monday and open to the public from Tuesday, however, a  system of zoning will also be introduced and strictly enforced by the police.

Dorville also gave the public the assurance that there is sufficient supply of food on the island amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am speaking about Massy Stores and I am speaking about the collaborative efforts of all of our distributors on the island,” Dorville explained.

He continued, “In one way or the other, we have supplies. It may not be the supply that you are accustomed to, it may not be your preference, because within all of this there is some level of discomfort that we all have to face, but we have food available within the supply chain and other product that are essential for our survival, for our near comfort living.”

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