Thursday 26 November, 2020

Massy working on getting more disinfectants; no food supply issues

Shopping at Massy Stores Mega in St Lucia

Shopping at Massy Stores Mega in St Lucia

Managing Director of Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd, Martin Dorville spoke with Loop News on Saturday, March 14, 2020, about panic shopping in St Lucia after the confirmation of the island’s first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

"Naturally there’s a certain element of fear because it’s a great unknown for us. We can just look at what is happening in some of the other countries but we have to approach this with a certain amount of collaboration.

What is really important is for persons to understand that the hoarding doesn’t help. It is important that everybody is taken care of."

Managing Director of Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd, Martin Dorville

"I want to assure people that as it relates to the food supply, we have no current issues with supply of food. Our supply chain remains open, we have had no indication of any disruption to food either being produced on island or being able to be received from overseas. So that’s in order.

We have ramped up in our purchases of those items… and in some cases we have ramped up in our storage. We have put things in place so that the supply chain has good movement of product, food specifically, that can satisfy our customers."

Perhaps the most coveted items worldwide during the coronavirus pandemic are hand sanitizers and disinfectants. As such, the supply of such items has been an issue.

"We do have a problem, which we are working at assiduously, as it relates to disinfectants and items of that nature, hand sanitizers and disinfectant towels, but one of the things we want to urge the public is nothing beats hand washing, so we still have soap. It’s still advisable to wash your hands as frequently as you can to avert any possible spread.

We are continuing to source hand sanitizers from all different areas, we do have some supplies that are on its way and we are looking into other strategies so that we can create some level of self-sufficiency with hand sanitizers. There are some suppliers on island who can potentially begin to produce hand sanitizers, the capacity may be another issue."

Dorville encouraged people to take only what they need for a decent period of time. He said that health officials would be able to advise as to what such a time period would be but did note that if one was quarantined, that lasts for two weeks.

On the subject of rationing, he said that customers can become irate if limitations are imposed on them, especially in crisis time, but that if there was a formal rule imposed, Massy would participate.

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