Sunday 12 July, 2020

Mayor Francis dissatisfied with City Police

If Mayor Peterson Francis had his way, Saint Lucia would be a police state.

He made that clear Wednesday as a guest of the early afternoon talk show ‘Newsspin’ now being aired on Real FM radio.

Clearly exasperated with the level of criminal activity in the country, Francis said that Saint Lucia should be a police state in the sense that anyone hearing a noise outside their home should be ready to call the police.

Francis did not offer any further elaboration but said the city’s constabulary will be restructured and that he was not satisfied with it.

When Francis assumed the post of mayor, he immediately set about trying to revamp the constabulary which had a staff of 12 engaged only in collecting a daily fee from the city’s vendors and patrolling the Castries Constituencies Council carpark on the Derek Walcott Square.

His efforts at revamping the city’s police force paid off in that its staff complement moved to about 30 personnel, most of whom received some form of training before being sworn in as officers. Also, the public has been heaping praises on Francis and the Council for bringing a sense of safety to the city.

Now, just over two years after transforming the constabulary and bringing it up to a level of respect in the eyes of the public, Francis announces a restructuring to take place very soon.

“We are now looking to restructure, we are restructuring and we will have new city police coming in very, very soon,” Francis.

He told the talk show’s host, Timothy Poleon, that he was dissatisfied with the city’s law enforcement body. He showed his dissatisfaction by stating that when people want a job, they will say anything, however when they get the job, they do nothing.

His plan from December 2016 was to have more persons in uniform patrolling the commercial sector of Castries so as to lessen incidents of theft and create a heightened sense of safety for citizens and visitors alike.

Back then Francis wanted to increase the constabulary to a working population of 50 officers. By the end of that year, only 23 officers were sworn in. Since then there has been a constant effort on the part of the CCC to improve the constabulary which has been credited with improving the safety of persons working, living or visiting the city’s commercial sector.

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