Saturday 11 July, 2020

Mayor Francis promises Castries crackdown starting next week

Calling himself a straight shooter, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis will on Monday confront motorists who park on Hospital Road, persons who litter the city, business owners who deposit their garbage outside their stores and those who play music without permission from the Commissioner of Police.

Speaking to reporters earlier today Francis said vehicular parking on Hospital Road should never have been allowed as it is designated a no parking zone like the roads that ring the city namely Jeremie Street, Chaussee Road and Brazil Street.

He said that as of Monday next week city police will enforce a no parking order. This will come as a major blow to motorists who go to Hospital Road to park because of its proximity to the city’s shopping centre and because they cannot find a parking space within the city’s shopping area.

Francis wants the road cleared so that ambulances can pass freely on their way to Victoria Hospital. He said ambulances no longer use the lower portion of the road due to the double parking and garbage that is deposited on that section of the road, all of which pose as hindrances to the safe manoeuvring of the road by ambulances.

City police will also be directing their attention to business houses that play music without permission from the Commissioner of Police.

Francis is serious about this, noting that this may affect businesses that occupy both sides of Jeremie Street as these are the business houses that play the most music within the city centre.

Several bars selling alcoholic beverages are located on both sides of that street beckoning patrons with the music they play which ranges from country music to soca and calypso.

While music is played from these bars daily, It’s on Fridays and Saturdays that the music volume is really amplified and patrons from all walks of life can be found at these bars.

“I am allowing this week to go by but as from next week, there will be no music unless you have permission from the police commissioner. We do not want the music low, we do not want it loud, we do not want it semi. We do not want music if you do not have permission. We are going to crack down on that with a force,” Francis said.

The mayor is particularly annoyed with businesses that leave their garbage on sidewalks or at the edge of the road or at their back door for pick-up by others.

“You walk around and see business people putting boxes outside their place of business. They do not care what happen. They are the same persons who on seeing a dirty drain or sidewalk in front their place of business would ask for the city council,” Francis said.

Then there is the issue of grease or fat disposal by food outlets which refuse to adhere to the proper way of doing that.

Francis is not happy with the government agencies that have the responsibility to check up on food outlets in the city to see that they dispose of their blubber the proper way.

“I am ending up as a lone ranger trying to fix things in the city when there are agencies of government which are entrusted to take care of these things and who have the law on their side, doing absolutely nothing,” he said.

Francis wants agencies that deal with environmental health to do what they are mandated to do. On the question of littering in the city, he vows to deal with it effectively. He said he will not go the way of deceased government minister Romanus Lansiquot who created litter wardens in an effort to address the city’s litter problem.

The city police will be the ones dealing with the litter problem. Already they have 11 persons in a magistrate court for litter offences.

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