Monday 9 December, 2019

McDoom reacts to British Empire Medal: 'Never in my wildest dreams'

Fashion designer, actor, reality show judge and television personality in Europe, Saint Lucian Vincent McDoom, has responded positively to the award that was bestowed on him by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth ll on the occasion of her birthday last Saturday.

McDoom, who was awarded the British Empire Medal for Services to Entertainment, was one of eleven Saint Lucians who received awards on the occasion of Her Majesty’s Birthday and on the advice of the Saint Lucian Government.

"It is with great honour, gratitude and genuine humility that I accept this award of the British Empire Medal for Services to Entertainment that has been bestowed upon me by Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. I would also like to thank the Government of Saint Lucia for coordinating this and most importantly to my family, closest friends and those who have supported me throughout my life and career to being able to be here today to voice my acceptance for such an overwhelmingly tremendous honour,” Vincent said, in a social media chat to Loop News from his home in Paris, France.

“Never in my wildest dreams; as a child growing up in Saint Lucia and also as a young man, learning and maturing in Paris, would I have envisioned such an award being granted and with my name attached. My sincerest and deepest thanks to everyone who has ever believed in me, my talents and vision and I will continue with my services to entertainment, fashion, my country and the many positive causes that’s I have stood for over the years! And if my life’s trajectory has been an inspiration to many and can help them value their worth to be the best version of themselves, then the pleasure is one hundred per cent worth it,” he added.

“This is an absolute honour, I thank you,” an emotional McDoom said.

McDoom was born in Saint Lucia in 1965 into a large family. He said his early years were tough but that did not let him down as he was able to find a way to study in the United States and Europe.

McDoom found his break when at a fashion designer show in 1988 in Saint Lucia, he took the judges breath away. He was awarded a scholarship to study fashion design at the prestigious fashion college ESMOD in Paris and served his internship for one year at the high fashion house of Paco Rabanne.

It was in France that he made his name working at the Fashion Houses of Olivier Guillemin, André Walker, Angelo Tarlazzi, Guy Laroche and becoming assistant artistic director for Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton.

McDoom’s accolades are many and so are his accomplishments, one being the artistic director for the first African fashion exhibition in 1998 held at Printemps Galerie Lafayette, the biggest fashion Mecca in Europe.

McDoom’s star began shining even more brightly when he embarked on a television career on channel Paris Première, where he presented a fashion program and the weather for three years.

It was said that he made history on European television becoming the first man dressed as a woman. An individual who fully embraces fashion and style, McDoom has a style that has captured all of Europe and the wider world.  

Much has been written about McDoom and his sense of style, his contributions to charities like ‘The Blue Angel’ in Saint Lucia which he lends his image to because of his approval of the work the charity does in helping sexually abused children. “I believe what the foundation is doing because I have been through it,” McDoom said.

He has an eye for detail and perfection in the arts even as the lead supporting actor in Cheik Doukouré's film, “Paris selon Moussa,” shown at the prestigious Cannes film festival. The film was presented in the category “quinzaine de réalisateurs” (Directors’ Fortnight). It went on to win many prizes, including the Unesco Award and best film and actor at the Fespaco film festival in Africa.

In 2004, Vincent Mc Doom featured in a new reality show called “La Ferme Célébrités” on TF1, a leading European television channel. He even launched the series “Arrested Development” on TPS Star and his biography “L’homme que je suis”.

He appeared on the reality show France Next Top Model on M6 in 2007 where he was a judge and catwalk instructor for the model apprentices. He later renewed the experience as a judge on Poland’s Next Top Model in 2010, Russia’s Next Top Model in 2012 and Belgium Next Top Model in 2014.

In 2008, he presented “Myriam et les garcons” on the cable channel TF6 and appeared again in a document tv series “La Folle Route” with Magloire. This concept was Vincent’s brainchild and ran for three seasons with 10 episodes per season.

In 2011, he participated in the show “Vincent Mc Doom à la conquête d’Hollywood (another of his own concept), produced by Treasury TV, broadcast on AB1 and in 2012, he was a commentator on the football match France versus Ukraine, with Daniela Martins and Benjamin Godard on MCE TV.

For 2013, Vincent appeared on the show Paranormal Zone on TMC.  He also presented the American tv show “Running in heels” on French tv AB1.  The following year he would present the UK tv show “Dirty sexy things” also on AB1.  Both of these shows are about the world of fashion.  The same year, he became the Artistic Director for the pioneer fashion event in St Lucia known as ‘Hot Couture’. 

In 2014 he became the Artistic Director for the 8th edition of the international fashion event in Paris ‘Labo Ethnik’. And has turned his acting skills to the French movie KICKBACK, by Frank Phelizon, which premiered at the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival.

”I was honoured to represent my country Saint Lucia at the greatest film festival in the world,” said McDoom, whose character Josepha also left Saint Lucia to go to France in the film.

In 2015 he was called upon to judge the young future designers at his former fashion college ESMOD. McDoom is right now in French Guiana where he is working on that country’s French version of ‘Hot Couture’.

He is also involved in the theatrical production ‘Hasta La Vista’ on French Broadway which airs in France and all over Europe in the Fall of this year. He will appear alongside the famous French actress Natacha Amal.

McDoom lives in Paris and travels extensively within the circle of the European fashion industry and is a French favourite on Fashion and Style talk shows, as anchor or guest.  He works ceaselessly to educate, inform and entertain through TV appearances, fashion involvement and engagement and in social media, with an enduring sense of fairness, outspoken indignation and all with a true sense of taste.  He maintains a healthy interest in his native Saint Lucia and the development of young, up and coming designers, models and artistic ventures.

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