Sunday 29 November, 2020

Memories of St Lucia Carnival 2019: Take us back to that time!

The fetes, the music, the bacchanal, the memories of Saint Lucia Carnival 2019 will certainly resonate in all our minds this year as we won’t be indulging in any of these activities.

As a side effect of the unimaginable novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Carnival in St Lucia was postponed until 2021.

St Lucia Carnival 2019 was crazy, insane, exhilarating! Wouldn’t you just like to turn back the clock to that time?

None of us knew what to expect from the bands last year but they did not disappoint. Most of us were super intrigued by their band launch trailers, their costumes were creative and colorful and the designs were quite impressive.

Red Carnival Band took us to Egypt with ‘Persia’, Just 4 Fun told us to break free with ‘Phobia, among many other bands who showed up and showed out on launch day. From the onset, most of us knew which band we would be playing mas with.

Our Calypsonians never disappointed their loyal 'Tent Pinez' who looked forward to hearing the political undertones, the humor, and social issues portrayed in their music.

Ti Carro, who had proclaimed that he was coming for the crown, did just that and dethroned TC Brown who put up quite a competitive fight becoming the second runner up at the 2019 Calypso Monarch Competition.

Ti Carro

We also witnessed elegance and royalty through our Carnival Queen Show which stirred quite a bit of controversy among supporters as to who deserved the crown. In the end, Miss Laborie Credit Union Wenia Verneuil reigned supreme.

The Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra wooed us with the sweet sound of steel pan jams, and once again dominated the Panorama Competition.

The fetes were a perfect blend of wild, chic, and pure enjoyment. Even with the long admission lines, organizers went all out to ensure partygoers had a great time.

Most of the décor was on point and of course, drinks were flowing like water. The Soca and Dennery Segment artists both piqued our fancy with their engaging performances and not forgetting a few surprises in between.

The boat rides were epic! Some say Hooked was the boat ride of the year, others would disagree but overall, there were pure vibes at these boat rides. The DJs were entertaining and kept the energy up throughout. 

There were no words to describe the energy on the road for St Lucia Carnival 2019! The Dennery segment music was somewhat like a hypnotizer. Yes, there were a few Trinidad Soca songs in between but nothing could beat the turn-up energy that came with the sound of ‘Call My Mother For Me’ by Edwin George which took home the Road March title.

Overall, the bands showed explosions of creative energy and flamboyant costumes that combine into one heavy, sweaty orgy of color and sound. Not forgetting the Ole Mas which brought out the satire, wit, theatre, and pun in the Carnival celebrations.

St Lucia Carnival has grown and evolved into a tremendously popular celebration. Last year we had the highest number of people from the diaspora and certainly the most events than any other year.

Oh, how we miss that Carnival tabanca!

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