Monday 13 July, 2020

Mentally challenged Vieux Fort teen feared dead after police release

Michael Blaze

Michael Blaze

“Is he dead or alive?”

That’s the question family members of a teenager of Vieux-Fort are asking themselves after he has not been seen since his release from custody at the Choiseul Police Station, Sunday.

Michael 'Coco' Blaze, 18, a resident of Westall Group, Vieux-Fort, along with two other men were nabbed last Friday by the Vieux-Fort police during a search at a resident of Westall Group.

Blaze was held at the Choiseul Police Station, while the other men, who were released on Saturday, were held at the Vieux-Fort Police Station. All three men were released without charge.

According to an eyewitness to the arrest, the men were handcuffed with a hand to a leg.

“They had to be moving like kangaroos,” the eyewitness told Loop News.

Wendy Blaze, uncle of missing teen Michael Blaze

According to Blaze’s distressed uncle, Wendy Blaze, he has not slept since Sunday.

He said when he visited the Choiseul Police Station to make enquires into the matter, he was told that Michael, who is mentally challenged, was released on Sunday about 6.00 pm but a video of his release showed it happened later.

According to Blaze, when the 'sickness' attacks his nephew, who lives with him, he forgets where he is and moves very slowly.

He said he wonders why the police would release his nephew on a Sunday when everyone knows it is difficult to get public transport in that community to go to Vieux-Fort on that day.

“We have searched the whole of Choiseul and have not found him,” Blaze grieved, adding that there is something fishy about the matter.

The family of Blaze is now contemplating taking some form of protest action.

Inspector Chitolie of the Vieux-Fort Police Station could not be reached for comments on the matter.

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