Saturday 31 October, 2020

Mice ate missing drugs, say fired police

(File image of a mouse via Pexels)

(File image of a mouse via Pexels)

Eight police officers have been fired in Argentina after they blamed missing drugs on hungry mice.

A 6,000kg haul of marijuana had been stored in a police warehouse north-west of Buenos Aires for two years. But when investigators went to check on it, they found more than half a ton of it – 540kg to be exact - had disappeared.

Javier Specia, the former police commissioner for the town of Pilar, and his fellow officers told a judge the drugs were "eaten by mice".

But forensic experts shot this down, saying mice don’t eat marijuana and would likely have died if they did, so there should have been mouse corpses at the warehouse.

The police officers now go back before the judge on 4 May amid an investigation over whether the drugs’ disappearance was down to “expedience or negligence”, Britain’s The Guardian newspaper reported.

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