Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Minibus drivers allowing passengers without masks in south

Despite having the right to prevent passengers from boarding their minibuses without a face mask, the majority of minibus drivers in the south still allow passengers to do so without them.

Loop News spoke with a number of drivers on condition of anonymity who gave reasons as to why they are not too eager to prevent passengers without face masks from boarding their minibuses.

Some of the minibus drivers say they have tried to uphold the safety precaution but passengers refuse to wear their face masks despite having it in their possession.

“I can’t force someone to wear a mask if he or she does not want to. We are all big people,” a minibus driver told Loop News.

Peter Richard, president of the Mon Repos Minibus Drivers Association said: “The passengers don’t want to wear their masks in the minibuses because we do not enforce the protocol."

Peter Richard

He however added that things will soon change, and all passengers will be forced to wear their facemasks when boarding a minibus.

Another minibus driver said that if he has to ensure that every passenger wears a face mask when entering his vehicle, he will not make money and at the end of the day and will be unable to buy gas for his minibus.

Errol Charles said: “Some people will spend half an hour or more in a supermarket wearing their mask without a problem but when they have to board a minibus they refuse to wear it.”

According to Charles, when they are asked to wear their masks, they say that they wore their masks for the whole day at work so they will not wear it again. He added that they are not prepared to wear their masks even for short trips.

“Maybe it’s our mentality or we were cultured to rebel,” Charles said.

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