Sunday 27 September, 2020

‘My heart dies with you’ – Reactions to tragic cop killing of Bo Jean

The unthinkable tragedy that claimed the life of promising young Lucian Botham Shem Jean has garnered many reactions on social media.

Botham was fatally shot in Dallas, Texas by a white female police officer who entered his apartment believing it to be her own. The Dallas Police Department is seeking a manslaughter warrant for the officer.

Botham’s uncle Earl Jean posted to his Facebook page, “My heart goes with you my boy...never thought this day would come ,wanted to be there for you always my boy ...howw can this nasty world take you away from me ....this is the worst day of my life thus far....uncle loves you so much ...there goes Mr.botham shem Jean....iam lost for words...part of me has left !Gone with the Angel's ....lord keep me sane”

Earl also posted a photo with himself and Botham’s mother Allison Jean which he captioned, “You'll brought...a wonderful life into this world and then cruelty of the world took him from us...they took my baby botham shem jean heart dies with you so much boy”

Botham's sister Allisa Charles-Findley posted on Facebook, "Just last week I was thinking of what to get you for your birthday, now I have to go pick out your casket. You will always be my baby brother. I love you with all of my heart Botham Shem Jean. Until we meet again my love."

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Harding University, Jean's alma mater located in Arkansas, posted:

"The Harding family learned this morning of the tragic death of 2016 alumnus Botham Jean, who was shot in his home last night.

Botham frequently led worship for chapel and for campus events such as Uplift and Lectureship, and this morning, President Bruce McLarty shared a favorite memory of Botham with students in chapel: “At Lectureship one year, I asked him to lead singing one night. Because of the subject, there was a particular old hymn that I asked him if he would mind leading,” McLarty said. “He didn’t say anything about not knowing the song, but he had never heard it before in his life. He came up that evening and was just smiling and excited about leading it. He told me he had never heard the song before, but that day, he called back to St. Lucia and asked his grandmother to teach him that old hymn on the phone. So he shared it with us at Lectureship that night, and it was a truly special moment.”

The entire Harding family grieves today for the loss of Botham, who has meant so very much to us. Please join us in praying for Botham’s friends and family and for all who were touched by his extraordinary life."

On Twitter a friend of Botham posted:

She continued saying: "Botham was a youth pastor. He ran the weekly group meetings at his church for young people. We would start talking and 3 hours later we would be on some deep topic. Then I would hear him tapping away at his phone talking about “ this is great material for the meeting tomorrow”. Botham was an accountant. He is the reason I passed taxation accounting 1 and 2. Well, basically he passed them because he would Skype me every time I had accounting homework or tests and give me the answers. Botham was an uncle. He loved being around his nephews because they had all the good snacks. They were just at his house recently and their mom bought them a value pack of cereal. This fool Called nw every time I opened a new box to tell me how lit kids cereal was .Botham was my best friend. Nobody could get on my nerves like Botham. I loved Botham. My heart is broken."

A fellow past-student of Harding posted to Twitter saying, "I always saw Botham around campus. He always wanted to lead in chapel in whatever way he could. He was always so nice and so kind. He was definitely a light at Harding - one who I could never forget. Prayers for his family and friends."

Another Harding alum said, "I have no words. Botham Shem Jean was one of the kindest individuals to walk campus while I was at Harding. His unparalleled leadership and joy cut short when he was murdered in his home by an officer. God rest his soul. May we find justice for Botham."

Another twitter user said, "Botham Jean was my friend. He watched Sooner Football with us at our house last Saturday. I loved him like a son. He was a lamb of God, a loving son to his family, a successful professional man. A gentle soul with a beautiful laugh."

Botham worked as a risk assurance associate for audit and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. US Chairman and Senior Partner of the firm, Tim Ryan, posted to Twitter:

The firm itself issued a statement saying, " "This is a terrible tragedy.  Botham Jean was a member of the PwC family in our Dallas office and we are simply heartbroken to hear of his death."

Questlove, member of the esteemed hip-hop band The Roots (prominently seen as part of the Jimmy Fallon Show) posted:

Botham's father, Mr Bertram Jean, is Stores Supervisor at WASCO. The company releases a statement that said, "The management of the Water and Sewerage Company Inc WASCO is expressing deep sadness and shock over the sudden death of Botham Shem Jean and the circumstances surrounding his tragic and untimely death... General Manager of WASCO Mr Edmund Regis has extended, on behalf of the company’s management and staff, deep and heartfelt sympathy to the Jean family as they try to come to terms with the tragedy."

Mr Regis remarks that “this is undoubtedly what can only be described as a difficult time of bereavement for the Jean family”.

South Side Flats where Botham lived and was killed is shown in this Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 photo. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News via AP)


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