Tuesday 4 August, 2020

Naked man hogtied and beaten by farmer over missing cow

Using his fists and the business end of his rubber boots, a Laborie farmer meted out a flurry of body shots on a naked man he accused of stealing his cow.

A video of the incident, which occurred on May 17, 2020, has gone viral.

“Pa mwen!” (It wasn’t me) was the desperate plea ignored by the irate farmer, seemingly convinced he had caught the only suspect connected to the alleged disappearance of his cow.

Loop News has not been able to ascertain the identities of any of the individuals captured on the cell phone video in the lopsided bout.

Another man standing close by in the video indicated his restraint and saved the hogtied cow thief suspect from what could have been a more painful ordeal.

“I didn’t want to knock “meyse” with my van,” he said before getting into a minibus parked nearby and driving out of the camera’s focus. He would return to the scene to help loosen the rope tied around the neck of the naked man who he had helped to capture.

With his head under the weight of the farmer’s foot and enduring kicks and punches - and having his exposed genitals tugged and grabbed on - the impromptu, dirt road interrogation yielded a lead.

“Something I went to take!” said the nude hostage in creole to his vigilante abductor.

Police officers would eventually arrive on the scene where the accused livestock thief was spared further humiliation and whisked away to safety.

Loop News can confirm the family of the man who suffered a painful dose of street justice have lodged a formal complaint against the farmer.

Police have also disclosed a stolen cow report has been made by the farmer.

No arrests have been made but Loop News has learned the naked suspect has a history of mental illness and has since been admitted to the Mental Wellness Centre.

“I don’t see how this is justified,” a woman who reached out to Loop News on the incident declared.

“This is abuse,” another stated.

“This is unacceptable. This old man could be jailed! Why not tie him up and call the police? Why step on his head and kick him?” another stated.

“He has now turned his right into his wrong,” a former police officer observed.

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