Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Nancy Charles: Pierre must reflect on behaviour

United Workers Party Spokesperson Nancy Charles held a press briefing earlier this morning to “issue a rebuke of the violent comments made during a SLP Public Meeting by Leader of the Opposition Philip J Pierre.”

Charles said, “It is very concerning to the public, the messaging being sent from the members of the opposition to the people of this country based on their behaviour both in parliament and in public. A few weeks ago there was a public outcry when the Leader of the Opposition had to be physically dragged out of parliament by a junior parliamentarian due to his aggressive and disrespectful attitude towards a fellow parliamentarian in a moment of friendly banter.

The Leader of the Opposition was clearly seen as being angry and aggressive in the chamber and this behaviour is unacceptable of a member of parliament and a leader of a political party. However, it was very surprising that instead of the Leader of the Opposition being apologetic for his behaviour, he continued along the same vein last week during a Public Meeting, where he stood on a political platform and indicated, and I quote, ‘if the member had come any closer, I would have…’ .

We asked the question, what would the Leader of the Opposition have done to the other member? Would he have hit another parliamentarian in a fit of anger over friendly banter? Is the Leader of the Opposition saying that it is ok to be aggressive and disrespectful to your fellow colleagues at work and then go out and brag about your unprofessional behaviour to your friends? Is this the example that we want to set to the many young people who look up to our parliamentarians?

We call on the Leader of the Opposition to reflect on his behaviour as it is unbecoming of a person holding such high office. The Office of the Leader of the Opposition should be held with a certain level of decorum and we know that Honourable Philip J Pierre has that within him. Over the last year, we have continued to see a greater level of disrespect being displayed by the members of the opposition with at least three walkouts from the House of Parliament and their failure to represent the people who elected them at various official government events. We urge Mr Pierre and the opposition to cultivate and to develop the right attitude in bringing our country forward.”

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