Tuesday 2 June, 2020

New app makes patient care easier from home

A digital patient care monitoring app has been launched to help patients access care without leaving the house.

CommuniCare is the world’s first patient-centred digital platform that affords families and clinicians remote access to real-time care and treatment of their loved ones and patients at home and abroad.

The app enables patient -including the ill, injured and elderly- to communicate their needs quickly and easily using pictorial selections on a well-illustrated care console, in turn, allowing carers to manage and respond to them proficiently.

“Nurses tell us it can take up to ten minutes to figure out what a patient needs. With CommuniCare, it can take as little as ten seconds,” says app creator and entrepreneur, Kheston Walkins. “This is a huge saving in time and energy and can improve the quality and efficiency of care.”

Up to 15 people can share one CommuniCare account, which means multiple family members can be cared for at once, while others can participate in monitoring their care.

“The uptake of the technology, therefore, relies very heavily on the notion of digital inclusion - an important consideration in the delivery of 21st-century health care, period, but even more so in the context of caring for the elderly,” says Walkins fro Trinidad and Tobago.

Beyond its intuitive offerings such as the patient panic button and mood/feeling log, the platform brings together key patient and clinician-specific features with a built-in tracking system designed to generate data from ongoing patient care.

“Since CommuniCare logs the medicine, care, treatment and even visits over time, it can be used by clinicians for making treatment decisions,” says Walkins. “In many respects, it becomes similar to patient records that are owned by the patient and family. To go further, on a municipal or national level, it can provide health authorities with valuable insights about the quality of care, track staff performance and use of consumables as everything is logged and scheduled digitally.”

Walkins is clear, “We knew from the very start we wanted to be able to share the obvious benefits of this technology with citizens of our country first. We’re even more thrilled to have the fitting occasion of National Patriotism Month to do so. That’s why we’ve decided to offer use of the app at USD100 for an entire year to the following 100 sign-ups (after the first 55) in the month of September.”

CommuniCare was conceived by Kheston Walkins and later developed in partnership with his brother Kheenan Walkins. The Walkins brothers started their own company Raiora back in 2010. Raiora is a creative agency that specialises in interactive marketing, web, mobile and social applications.


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