Monday 28 September, 2020

New Common Entrance format won't affect performance - Registrar

Common Entrance Examinations for Grade 6 students is slated for June 29, 2020.

This year, students will only be given multiple choice questions which will include General Paper, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Health and Family Life, Study Skills, English and Mathematics.

The Comprehension and Composition paper for English Language and the Mathematics Problem Solving paper will not be administered to the students due to time restrictions and lack of regular classes during the pandemic.

Registrar of Examinations, Carmelita Matthew, has said that the new structure will not affect students’ performance.

“There won’t be that drastic difference in students’ performance on the long answer as compared to having both of them or just the multiple-choice. It is just a matter of the students and being able to complete the paper, so right now it’s not really a major concern that the performance will not be as it normally was in the past.”

The Ministry of Education has assigned new guidelines in keeping with the COVID-19 protocols from the Ministry of Health, to ensure the examination process runs smoothly:

  • Students’ hands will be sprayed with sanitizer upon entering the school and classrooms
  • Teachers will be required to wear face shields in order to attend to students if they are experiencing difficulties during the examination process
  • Ensuring that students do not congregate on the compound and practice social distancing

In addition, guidelines have been established to identify sick students and admit them to the sickbay.

The Ministry of Education will be conducting an online meeting with secondary school principals to brief them on guidelines for admitting students, recreation, and administration of papers.

Ms Matthews is advising parents to encourage students to exercise social distancing and provide their kids with a snack should the examination time be prolonged.

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