Monday 28 September, 2020

New Spartan students look to bright futures in medicine

Fifteen students were officially enrolled with the Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine at its White Coat ceremony held at the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) in Vieux-Fort on Friday.

A striking feature of the ceremony was the recitation of the Hippocratic Oath by the students and the donning of their white coats, which spelt out what is expected of them as physicians in training.

It reads in part: “I will follow that method of treatment, which according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is harmful…”

The Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine, which has been in existence here for several decades, has produced a number of outstanding physicians, who have done exceedingly well abroad.

In his keynote address, Dr Chandrashekar Rao Addagada, a member of the Board of Directors of the school, congratulated the students for obtaining the necessary requirements which have enabled them to undergo the profession of their choice and wished them success in their endeavours.

He described medicine as a noble profession and one that requires discipline and humanity.

Dr Chandrashekar Rao Addagada

“Show humanity and try to feel what the patients go through. Listen to the patients and try to understand them. Don’t disappoint them, ” he urged the students, adding that medicine is not a business.

He stressed the importance of good communication skills in being able to understand the feeling of patients, who will place their lives in their hands.

Dr Rao told the students that the school will do everything to ensure that they succeed in their exams and become successful physicians. “We will drill you, we will monitor you,” he said.

He implored the students to take their work very seriously in order to succeed in their exams and make the school proud.

Referring to his experience, he said it was his passion for the profession that made him a successful physician.

Dr Ray Lingam, a former student of Spartan, spoke of the school in glowing terms. He said the school has helped him shaped his future which he appreciates very much.

He said medicine is a calling and not a trade, and called on the students to exhibit a great deal of humanity when attending to their patients, regardless of their social or economic situation.

He implored the students to work hard and make the school proud, adding that hard work and determination leads to success.

Aryan Hemani, a first trimester student of the school said they are all excited about being students of the school, and are committed to doing their best.

He said they are aware of the challenges ahead and will not be daunted by it.

“We want to the best doctors because we have seen the success of other doctors. We see medicine as the most noble and respected profession in the world,” Hemani said.

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