Saturday 20 October, 2018

Nina Compton opening second restaurant

Lucian-born celebrity chef Nina Compton, daughter of Sir John Compton, is making greater strides in her formidable career.

Compton, who was runner-up and fan favourite on the popular U.S. chef competition TV show Top Chef in 2013-2014, is set to open her second restaurant in New Orleans called Bywater American Bistro.

Compton was honoured as one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs for 2017. The prestigious magazine said, “The Caribbean influence in New Orleans is deeply embedded in Cajun and Creole traditions. But at Compère Lapin, Saint Lucian chef Nina Compton unravels the French/Southern/Haitian rubber band ball of Louisiana cooking and looks at its constituent parts in a new way. Her food contends beautifully and deliciously with her own heritage and that of her adopted city. A Caribbean seafood pepper pot is like a West Indian bouillabaisse, with shrimp and freshwater drum in a slow-burn broth. For her curried goat, Nina plays with form, serving the sticky, cinnamon-scented meat with refined sweet potato gnocchi. But even still, there’s no mistaking the flavors of this dish—or whatever else you eat at Compère Lapin—as anything but a tender, tautly rendered torch song from an island girl.”

Compton’s new restaurant will open in early 2018 and will feature dishes such as a farro risotto with maitake mushrooms and mint breadcrumbs, and yellowfin tuna steak with pepperonata, herb salad and almond cream.