Wednesday 8 July, 2020

Nudity ruffles some feathers at St Lucia Carnival

Saint Lucia Carnival 2019 came to a close this week amid reports of nudity during J'ouvert, a topic that has continued to dominate local talk shows and social media platforms across the island.

Video images of two young women, said to be naked but for a sliver of material covering their nipples and the top part of their vaginas, went viral and became a major national talking point.

Agnes Francis, Chairperson of Events Saint Lucia, the organizers of Carnival 2019, admitted to nudity on display during Carnival and called on police to uphold the law.

“I have no moral authority to make any decision on how people dress, how people behave. What I am concerned about is the breaking of the laws of Saint Lucia and the police having a responsibility to do their duties,” Francis said.

She stressed that kind of display during carnival is not acceptable and spoke of having seen two or three children watching lewd acts during the parade of the bands.

However, despite the controversy, Events Saint Lucia hailed Carnival a success.

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