Saturday 31 October, 2020

Joachim Henry skipping horse race while Mary Isaac may place bet

Health Minister Senator Mary Isaac says there is no comparison as it relates to the pace of development of the St Jude Hospital and the first-ever Pitons Cup scheduled to take place in the island’s south December 13, 2019.

The Allen Chastanet led administration has come under tremendous fire from sections of society, including the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party and civil society groups for failing to address the poor state of health on the island and putting greater on the Pearl of the Caribbean (DSH) Project and the inaugural Pitons Cup horse race.

Health Minister, Senator Mary Isaac

“The two projects is like comparing apples and oranges,” said Senator Isaac, who says she will attend the inaugural race depending on her schedule.

Loop News asked Senator Isaac if she will be betting on a horse at the Pitons Cup, to which she responded:

“Well I’m not sure, I do not know the process, so maybe when I get there I can bet, maybe I cannot, I’m not sure.”

The Opposition Saint Lucia Labor Party (SLP) has accused the United Workers Party (UWP) government of prioritizing horses over hospitals and as such, one member has decided to boycott the CECF horseracing event.

To do so he says would be to spit in the face of those persons who have died because of the slow pace in reconstruction of the hospital.

Senator Joachim Henry

“I am not attending horse race because I am not into horse racing,” Senator Joachim Henry stated.

“I understood it is gambling, I am not into gambling.”

As to whether the opposition senator would have attended the race under an SLP administration, Henry says if a government officially invited him, he would have attended.

“I have been invited to a number of activities by both governments, some of which I have attended, some I have not attended. So I wouldn’t say for a fact that I would have attended a horse race if it were the Saint Lucia Labor Party.”

The Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club brings international horse racing to Saint Lucia with a five-race program carded for December 13, 2019, featuring the US$150,000 Pitons Cup.

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