Monday 19 November, 2018

Pastor in Castries takes the whole church to donate blood

On a sunshine Sunday morning a pastor from the Universal Church in Castries decided not preach about love but show to his members what it is.

After having a service the church service, the pastor took them to donate blood. The Bank Blood bus from Victoria Hospital was parked on the outside of the church just waiting for the service to dismiss.

The members accepted the challenge and decided to follow the instructions and directions of the pastor.

“We know the need of blood at the hospital, we have heard so much about cars involved in accidents and people getting shot and end up losing blood.

Because of all that we decided to teach our members on how to practice love. No matter whom the person is, we are not here to judge but to love them and God will do the work in their heart.” – Said Pastor Joseph from the Universal Church in Castries

The pastor said that this kind of work will be done by the church together with the Victoria Hospital as much they are in need of the help.

“The Victoria Hospital can count on us for help. We are available at any time the hospital is need of assistance” – the pastor added