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Pierre plans to follow Dominica Labour Party example to victory

Saint Lucia Labour Party leader Philip J Pierre

Saint Lucia Labour Party leader Philip J Pierre

Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Philip J Pierre was all smiles Monday, December 10, 2019, when asked to comment on the overwhelming election victory enjoyed by his political compatriots in neighbouring Dominica.

“Congratulations…I’m very happy for the Dominica Labour Party. I’m very happy all the propaganda from the United Workers Party did not work, Labour won again,” Pierre told Loop News.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s Dominica Labour Party (DLP) comfortably secured a historic fourth term as prime minister and the party's fifth term in office despite the revelations from an Al Jazeera documentary that sought to expose what it described were questionable practices surrounding the appointment of its foreign diplomats allegedly in exchange for cash.

Preliminary findings from Electoral Missions from both the Organization of American States (OAS) and CARICOM have so far found no wrongdoing in Dominica’s election process.

This has not deterred Dominica’s opposition leader Lennox Linton who has publicly rejected the new Skerrit government and maintains the December 6, 2019 election results were, “illegitimate (sic) null and void.”

Election fever in Dominica has simmered in the days since the DLP’s landslide 17-4 win. Official celebrations there are carded for this weekend.

However, Saint Lucia’s opposition leader who is staring down what would be his maiden election bid as SLP political leader has already shown interest in borrowing from the DLP playbook after their successful re-election campaign.

“We are going to try to follow the same example in Saint Lucia. You notice [sic] lies and propaganda do not work. The Dominica Labour Party has won the election on its record…the people have decided.”

The taste of defeat at the polls is not lost on Pierre.

In 2016 the SLP led by then political leader Dr Kenny Anthony failed to secure a second term in office after losing to the United Workers Party.

To a reluctant Lennox Linton still reeling from his party’s resounding loss, Pierre offered some advice;

“The will of the people is paramount. We believe in what the people say and the people of Dominica have spoken. You cannot be a sour loser. You’ve got to accept the results and move forward [sic] exactly what we are doing in Saint Lucia,” the SLP leader declared.

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