Tuesday 4 August, 2020

Planning a trip to Cuba? Here are 7 things you should know

Caribbean Airlines launched its service to Cuba last Saturday. The dream of visiting the island once ruled by Fidel Castro is now more accessible for many people. If you are travelling to Cuba, there are things you should know in advance to make your trip smoother. We took the trip there and found these seven things all would-be travellers should know.

You need a Visa/Travel Card

Entry to Cuba requires a Visa or a Travel. Travel Cards are for tourists while business people and journalists need Visas. Media also must get accreditation. Check with the respective embassies in your country to find out what you need it and the requirements for getting it.

You must have travel insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory if you are visiting Cuba. Please enquire from your travel agent about this.

Forget US currency

Thanks to Donald Trump’s reversal of policies with respect to America’s relationship with Cuba, US currency is not officially accepted though some vendors and hotels will accept it. Euros are preferred as that is the currency the Cuban Government trades in.

Cuba has two currencies

Cubans use two currencies, the Peso and the Cuban Convertible Peso or CUC (pronounced Couk). Foreigners are advised to change their currency into the CUC. The Euro trades at 1.05 for one CUC.

WiFI is not widespread

WiFI is not available across Cuba. Internet cards are sold in hotels that will allow you to go online for a prescribed amount of time from one hour to five hours. There are wifi parks and wifi signs in places where you can use the cards. Connection is not always guaranteed.

Leave your Credit Card at home

Credit Cards have no place in Cuba so cash is a necessity for all transactions.

Illegal activity not allowed

Remember everything in Cuba is controlled by the Government and illegal activity is not tolerated.







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