Friday 10 July, 2020

PM Chastanet avoids answer on who approved Royal Gaol demolition

Prime Minister Hon Allen Chastanet

Prime Minister Hon Allen Chastanet

Reporters sought answers from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet ahead of a sitting of parliament earlier today, May 26, 2020, regarding who approved the demolition of the historically significant Royal Gaol building which was carried out this past Saturday.

The prime minister proved elusive, answering the question as to who approved the demolition by, on more than one occasion, saying he was very happy that the new police headquarters project could now proceed.

Reporters were unimpressed with the answer and pursued the question aggressively, asking if the situation means that the government cannot be trusted to uphold agreements, which the prime minister denied was the case, before eventually taking his leave.

Check out the exchange in the video above.

The Saint Lucia National Trust gathered outside parliament this morning in reaction to the demolition, "so that our parliamentarians will understand as they go through those doors today that they represent us.”

Saint Lucia National Trust Chairperson, Alison King told reporters: "So because of the way in which this agreement has been blatantly flouted by the Government, we have taken the position that this issue has now become an issue of national importance that every St Lucian should be on their guard because it is a flagrant act against our rights.

If this can be done to the National Trust, it can be done to anybody. The Government doesn’t stand by its word by the end of the day, we are in a position where we cannot trust our leaders to stand by their word."

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