Sunday 31 May, 2020

PM refuses Pierre apology, asks Labour to apologise to St Lucia

No apology will be forthcoming from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet regarding his mockery of Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre’s speech impediment last Sunday at a public meeting of the United Workers party in Soufriere. 

Admitting to reporters today, June 11, 2019, of hearing calls that he ought to apologise to Pierre, the prime minister said it is instead the Labour Party that needs to apologise to the people.

“The Labour Party does not want to account for their actions but if anybody is deserving of an apology, it is the people of Saint Lucia from the Labour Party,” Chastanet said.

The prime minister claimed that when he referenced Pierre in his address last Sunday he was merely indicating the Labour Party’s response to projects the party did not finish during their 2011-2016 term in office.

“We need an apology for the state of the economy, we need an apology for the state of health care, we need an apology for the state of education, we need an apology for what is happening in security in this country,” added Chastanet.

He said that all the Labour Party does when asked about projects they did not finish when they were in office is stutter, and that, the prime minister added, was what he was making reference to when he mocked Pierre last Sunday.

A large number of Saint Lucians have come out in defence of Pierre and have called on the prime minister to apologise to the opposition leader.

When asked by Loop why he mimicked Pierre if all he was doing was highlighting the failure of the former administration, Chastanet said: “because Pierre is a leader”.

“Mister Pierre is in the political realm, and so am I. And so, there are a lot of things about me, but at the end of the day what we need an apology for is for all the things Labour promised and which they could not deliver,” Chastanet said.

The prime minister at his party’s rally said thus “When we were in opposition, that’s what they were doing as a government, we said to you, Labour Party cannot move into OKEU (Hospital) because they don’t have the money and we were right. They made all kinds of excuses, the same way that Philip Pierre stutters, that’s what they were doing as a government, stuttering. Every time you asked them when they were going in, bu-bu-bu-bu…”

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