Thursday 29 October, 2020

PM urges citizens to 'take cover' as wages war against COVID-19

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has told citizens that Trinidad and Tobago is in a 'war' with an 'invisible enemy', as he urged them to 'take cover' and stay in doors.

This as, he warned that the situation could worsen in the coming days, with more COVID-19 infections and loss of life expected.

He made the appeal, as he addressed citizens in a televised broadcast on Sunday night, hours before a 'Stay at Home' order came into effect barring non-essential services and activities until April 15.

He made reference to the Memorial Park, where the names of those who fought in World War I and II are inscribed, and said we are all 'soldiers' in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic facing our country.

"We are at war today. The difference between this war and those World Wars were that, those who picked up arms to defend us, carried guns and fired bullets. The war that we are fighting now, is an invisible enemy, a micro pathogen that you cannot see with the naked eye, but we know it is there.

Because unlike those whose names are there on the memorial, when they were injured, they were injured by incoming bullets, cannons and you could see them as casualties immediately. This pathogen could strike us and it might take days before we know who is a casualty," he said.

The Prime Minister called on citizens to let common sense prevail.

He added that the main weapon in this 'war' is 'basic hygiene' and called on citizens to take personal responsibility.

"The most wide ranging law in this war is the law of common sense and as we engage we advise, we suggest, we request, we instruct and we enforce, we expect that all along this journey common sense will prevail, " he stated.

The Prime Minister further urged citizens to 'take cover' to protect themselves and their families during the pandemic.

Addressing concerns about exercise in public spaces, he said persons wishing to exercise can do so at their homes.

"You, to the breaches, simply have to take cover. If you want to exercise, I'm sure there is enough space in your home to exercise and to do things that would keep you exercised," he stated.

The Prime Minister also thanked those healthcare workers on the frontline, describing them as 'heroes' in the healthcare system.

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