Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Police Commissioner apologises for causing traffic in Castries

Police Commissioner Severin Monchery has apologised to the general public for the traffic congestion that descended on the City of Castries today, Thursday, October 3, 2019, when the scheduled time for the closure of the Castries Waterfront Roundabout was not adhered to.

The official time for the road closure was 10 am but the road was closed at 8 am, resulting in a massive traffic jam that had some people spending two or more hours in their vehicles, irrespective of the direction they were taking to enter the city.

Monchery said a preliminary investigation had been launched to determine what or who caused the mix up in time, hinting that action will be taken against whosoever was involved in the time change.

People turned to social media to vent their anger and frustrations suggesting to the powers that be that Sunday or the following Monday holiday could have been better days for the hosting of the activity that caused the road to be closed.

The activity in question was the unveiling of a monument by internationally recognized sculptor, Saint Lucian Jallim Eudovic, at the Castries Waterfront Roundabout. The monument and its unveiling are all part of this year’s celebration of Saint Lucia’s 40th Independence Anniversary. The unveiling ceremony took place this afternoon between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Commissioner Monchery described the traffic congestion Thursday morning as “serious” noting that it “caused a great deal of inconvenience not only to the motoring public but to commuters, business persons, workers and students of the country.”

“I as Commissioner of Police take full responsibility for this. On behalf of the police, I apologize to the members of the public for the inconvenience caused,” Monchery stated.

“This resulted in an unacceptable traffic flow. I can assure members of the public that stringent measures have been taken to avoid a recurrence of such incident,” Monchery said, thanking the public for their continued support of the police.

The police chief said that his officers had everything in place to avoid the massive traffic congestion if the road was closed at the prescribed time instead of it being closed two hours earlier.

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