Wednesday 12 December, 2018

Police to ramp up traffic checks as homicides surge

Officer in charge of the police force, Milton Desir is calling on persons in conflict with others to resolve them in non-violent ways.

His call comes in the wake of 48 homicides committed so far this year, one of the highest ever recorded in the country with two months left before year-end.

Desir, who is in charge of the police force due to the absence of Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry, said to be off island on government business, called on citizens not to despair because his department has its crime-fighting strategies in place.

“For those who are bent on committing crime there should be other ways of solving your conflict,” Desir said at a press conference earlier today.

According to Desir, police statistics show most of the homicides are gun related and the disputes that flare up between individuals resulting in homicides are often over firearms, ammunition and drugs.

The latest homicide occurred this morning in Ti Rocher, Micoud at 7:45 am. It was in the course of an argument between a business proprietor, name withheld by police, and Andrew Nelson, alias Archie, that a fatal gunshot was fired killing Nelson, who is also from the same area.

Three men killed in a triple homicide on Saturday in Bruceville have been identified as David Raymond, alias Pumpkin of the same area; Allan Norbert, alias Reese of Ti Rocher, Micoud; and Christopher Henry of Babonneau. Post-mortems are scheduled for Tuesday.

One of the strategies police will be employing in fighting crime is traffic checks. Desir has warned that in coming days this will be embarked upon and has called for the motoring public, especially law-abiding members, not to be angry if stopped by police because of the inconvenience this may cause them.

He said police are just ensuring that illegal guns and drugs and criminals are not being moved from one spot to another via land transportation.

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