Thursday 13 August, 2020

Poll Results: Loop Readers Say Raymond Must Go

In the wake of the recent nude photo/alleged blackmail scandal, Loop St Lucia asked our readers, "Should the Cabinet of Ministers ask Ubaldus Raymond to resign?"

The result was decisive. At press time, 1170 votes had been recorded, 874 yes to 296 no. This works out to 74.7% of respondents agreeing that the minister should be asked to resign versus just 25.3% saying that he should not be asked to do so.

Since the controversial story became public knowledge, a tidal wave of spirited commentary from citizens has been posted on social media. Here are a few examples of comments from Loop readers that gained traction with their peers.

Critical of Raymond:

Qualifications ( doctorate / masters/ bachelors) is not the only criteria for being a minister. When a minister has photos of the nude in circulation then he is no longer fit to run the affairs of the country as this is totally unprofessional behaviour and hence the PM should ask him to resign. This is our country and no one should be mightier than Helen. Things are bad enough as it is. We don't need those in authority displaying that type of behaviour. What example is he setting for the youths. You are being paid by the tax payers of this county and as such you will respect that position.

You hearing all type of man exposing woman none of them been arrested or charged so as is a MINISTAH they quick to arrest the girl...make an example of excuse for his despicable behaviour...shameless man...embarrassment to the country...remove him from his post...those old married men like to .... young girls on their wives head like u swear is a fashion trend and dont expect to face the consequences...nonesense...chuuupse

Please don't put God in your nonsense smh where was he when you were doing your nonsense you forgot him smh shame

Believe it when I say a man will only treat you the way you allow him to ....
Same goes for a Prime Minister or Ministers! But where in the world , are such scandals being tolerated time after time ... St Lucia.
How are tax paying citizens even tolerating this kind of behavior . If your kids showed their Genitals or were accused of sexting , they would be suspended or expelled depending on how bad the case was.
There can't be a double standard, for leaders who are just simple sheep.


In Defense of Raymond:

So because he is a minister he shouldn't have his private sexual life you all have done it you all pics just not yet come out you all bloody hypocrites

Good to see some positive highlights about the Minister. In spite of the fact that he is embroiled in a scandal he is still a human being. He has had a successful life and a stellar education . Hopefully he will solve this mess soon.Kudos to this news outlet for taking a different direction for this report. (In response to Loop's 13 Facts About Ubaldus Raymond)

What they did was and is wrong. Fullstop!!! Now everyone has sinned so we cant judge. We need to move on I would say. Moreover it can happen to one of us or our family members that ones name end up in a scandal. Lets just take the lessons and get on with our country's business at hand

Resign why? Is that the only minister who has been involved in a scandal? 90 % of the other ministers have affairs outside of their marriages and who knows what they're doing. Sodomy, 3 sums etc. Unfortunately for ubaldus he got exposed. So what the hell


It should be noted that despite representing an equal sample of negative and positive takes here, the comments posted on Loop's stories have been largely critical of Raymond, echoing the results of our poll.

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