Friday 4 December, 2020

Preschool principal worried road work dust will impact students

A Grande Riviere preschool owner has expressed concern for her students ahead of the reopening of school on Spetember 7, 2020.

According to Miss Limonda St Ange, owner of Kid Pathway Early Education, the Grande Riviere road works, which appear to be at a standstill, pose a serious health risk to the young students expected in class this coming Monday.

"We are ready to accept students when school opens on Monday, however, the only problem right now I have is the dust on the road which the engineer did promise to take care of before school opens on Monday," Miss St Ange told Loop News Friday.

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In August, irate Grande Riviere, Gros Islet residents took to the media to express their displeasure in current road works being undertaken by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The works, which began in June 2020, are expected to see the resurfacing of the entire road from the Marisule/Corinth junction through to Grande Riviere with the installation of proper drainage and sidewalks.

However, several weeks after the road was graded, industrial cement was poured along that section of road, posing health issues for residents, some with underlining health conditions.

Normally the school takes in 65 students, however, due to COVID-19 protocols, 45 students will be attending the learning institution.

According to St Ange, the children are more susceptible and vulnerable to the dust.

"These days all the kids have some skin disease or skin rash or eczema or something which has to do with the heat or dust. So I am quite concerned about it because if the road works is not completed soon I may have to look for another location and since we have protocols it is highly unlikely that I will find somewhere else to meet COVID-19 protocols," Miss St Ange said.

Loop News reached out to CO Williams, the contractors in the Grande Riviere Road Rehabilitation Project, to get an update for the residents.

Trycie Lockter-Polius, Quantity Surveyor at CO Williams says since the commencement of the project, several retaining walls and walkways and a few drains have been constructed.

"We do apologize for the dust and the delay right now, we have been trying our best to ensure that we minimize the dust along that section of road, we have a water truck which is on the road all the time, especially when it is a bit dry we try to wet the road.

We have done all the measure to seal the road but we do understand the situation and the Ministry and CO Williams we are doing our best to ensure that we deal with that issue as soon as we can," Lockter-Polius said.

Buy why the delay in the project?

"We have been working on this project from March, but there have been some issues as it pertains to... the road is currently being designed and also we've been trying to work on drainage and walkways as we can; in some areas such as the supermarket junction to White Rock area, there is a certain portion of it where we had to stop work because of the WASCO mains, we are meeting on Tuesday so we are awaiting a redesign of that area," Miss Polius explained.

Speculation is rife that a design for the road works was not submitted to the Department of Infrastructure.

"There was a design," the Quantity Surveyor declared, adding, "sometimes when there are projects, there are times where you may be faced with things onsite; unforseen things and you have to deal with it."

The project has been zoned; from Mariule to Ti J's Supermarket is one zone, Ti J's Supermarket to White Rock another and White Rock to Union Junction, the final zone.

According to reliable sources, compaction test for that section of road failed and the contractor did not submit a method statement.

"It is because we were hoping that certain aspects of certain designs within the first zone would have been complete after we complete zone two, but that was not the case. Certain aspects, certain areas of zone 1 plans were not completed," she stated.

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