Wednesday 15 July, 2020

St Lucian schools prepare plan for continuing education during closure

Valerie St Helen Henry, President of the National Principals Association

Valerie St Helen Henry, President of the National Principals Association

“All school principals and teachers prepared a comprehensive instruction material, both digital and physical that was sent to students, parents and guardians to ensure continued learning.”

So said Valerie St Helen Henry, President of the National Principals Association, noting that school officials worked out a plan for continued education so that students are not affected by the closure of schools.

In addition to instructional material, extra-curricular activities are included which is expected to distract the children against news of COVID-19.

“Schools are expected to provide not just worksheets, but material dealing with coping skills, our children depend a lot on teachers in terms of their learning and so they at home so the teachers are expected to provide some guidance for them, continuous acknowledging of the hygiene, how to take care of themselves, washing the hands. They were provided with appropriate videos on YouTube they can listen to and watch, music they can listen to calm them, a number of fun activities.

She added, “They were given a timetable where they know fifteen minutes they can watch television, another fifteen minutes they can do some worksheets, then they can walk around, run around, do some exercises, these are some of the things I know the educators will be encouraging.”

Schools around the island were forced to close from Monday, March 16, 2020, until April 13, 2020.

The NPA has welcomed the closure of all schools on the island amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Following a high-level meeting last week with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his cabinet of ministers, health officials and other government officials, a decision was taken forcing the closure of schools until April.

The closure came one day after Saint Lucia confirmed its first case of the coronavirus.

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