Saturday 11 July, 2020

Protester rates Govt's performance 'below zero' outside parliament

Protesters outside St Lucia parliament

Protesters outside St Lucia parliament

Ahead of a sitting of parliament this morning, June 2, 2020, several persons gathered in peaceful protest on Laborie Street.

It was not just the Saint Lucia National Trust making their presence felt but also several others who largely expressed dissatisfaction with the level of governance by the current administration.

Loop News asked one protester how they would rate government's performance as it approaches the fourth anniversary of being in office: "Below zero. Period. Because they have not done anything for the local citizens. Nothing! Every decision that this government has taken has been anti-nationals, anti-poor person and in the interest of the rich folks of this country. The white folks, the foreigners and their friends, that's what it has been.

Further to that, they have indebted my great-grandchildren, yet unborn, with a lot of the decisions that they have taken in the last four years. They have not even given us back St Jude Hospital, which was almost 80% completed when they came in. Probably had they done that and transferred to OKEU a lot sooner than they did, maybe we could have had something to go on."

The protester explained why they were there saying: "I found out that parliament had been adjourned until today and in the spirit of having been here last week Tuesday, to see who was going to come out to stand up against the prime minister putting this country into a further four months of an unnecessary State of Emergency."

The protester revealed they were seasoned in protesting: "Added to the fact they were sharing instructions to assemble peacefully if you have issues, so I'm here to see who would be coming out because we have been coming out from 2016 from the onset of DSH. We have stood up for many wrong decisions of the government."

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