Monday 30 November, 2020

Pura Vida Mojito Bar - A Spanish twist to St Lucian night life

Pura Vida Mojito Bar

Pura Vida Mojito Bar

In the heart of Rodney Bay lies a small mojito bar that breathes life into the somewhat bland St Lucian party scene.

Pura Vida Mojito Bar is a bar with colorful Spanish inspired décor and the best vibes you can experience in the north.

Owned by Pricilla and Corneil Paul, Pura Vida represents ‘pure life’, chilling, partying with good friends and relaxing.

Corneil and Pricilla Paul alongside the 'dance table'

The couple, who worked on a cruise ship, settled in St Lucia after tying the knot in February of this year.

Since Pricilla had extensive knowledge and experience as a bartender and Corneil as an entertainer, the newlyweds decided to follow their dream of owning a bar.

Pura Vida has been open for only a few weeks and already is the hottest chill spot in Rodney Bay.

The bar was inspired by Pricilla’s travels to Cuba and her Spanish culture and as such is an incredibly attractive display of colors and tropical vibes. Pura Vida predominantly serves mojitos. You can enjoy freshly-squeezed mojitos in an assortment of flavors such as watermelon, coconut, and passion fruit.

If you’re not big on mojitos, you can sip on a Blue Bird cocktail or one of the St Lucian favorites, Campari cocktail.

Pura Vida Mojito Bar features a high-energy atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating and live entertainment. You will be enticed by the best live bands and musicians on island, who will captivate your soul with their acoustic sounds and amazing vocals.

Hang out with friends, unwind over a couple of drinks and experience an incredible party lifestyle. You can also earn a free shot by showcasing your dance moves on the ‘dance table’.

The couple, who experienced a few hiccups due to COVID-19, advises anyone who wants to open a bar to be extremely patient and focused.

“Be very patient. If you open a bar, people will not come right away. They will slowly start to come when they get to know about you.”

So if you're looking for a bar with a Latin infused flavor, Pura Vida is the one for you, located next to Pizza Pizza.

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