Thursday 29 October, 2020

R3d Carnival Band keeps bacchanal alive in 2020

R3d Carnival Band make the most of it at R3d Hill

R3d Carnival Band make the most of it at R3d Hill

Yesterday would have been Carnival Monday in St Lucia but as we all know due to COVID-19 our dreams were shattered.

As carnival revellers continue to mope around in sadness, R3d Carnival Band took the mandate of making sure their band members experienced a taste of bacchanal.

R3d Carnival band has a reputation of setting trends, being the very first band to do the Mega J to Mega J (now Massy Mega) jump up, and yesterday was no different.

A few band members dressed up in their R3d costumes and masqueraded from Massy Mega to Castries. 

Manager of Events and Marketing for R3d, Kevyn Arnold said:  "In the morning we decided to do Mega J to Mega J. In keeping with the spirit of bacchanal and the energy of R3d Carnival we really wanted to keep that going. Even if it was just two of us or the whole band."

The next stop was the 'R3d Hill' which is R3d Carnival territory. The entire team gathered and just let loose to commemorate what would have been the most epic Carnival season yet. It was the ultimate mini carnival experience. 

Speaking earlier this morning, Arnold said the band had plans for Carnival Tuesday as well: "Today would have been last lap so our plan is to go back on the 'R3d Hill' this afternoon the same way as yesterday and just have fun."

The band plans to use its 2020 down time to plan a bigger and better band experience for revellers. 

Social media has been flooded with 2019 flashbacks with die-hard revellers craving for a dose of tabanca.

Residents of Marchand took it a step further by hosting their own mini Carnival while ole mas lovers have taken to the streets to portray their witty placards. 

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