Saturday 7 December, 2019

Rapper Future's new song 'St Lucia' boasts about visiting the island

Rapper Future released the 7-song EP Save Me on Friday, June 7, 2019, the second track of which is titled, St Lucia.

Although the only reference to the island speaks of it merely as an exotic location where he has had sexual relations, persons purporting to be St Lucians have positively reacted in the song's Youtube comment section.

The comments, often bearing multiple St Lucian flag emojis, include notes such as, "Where all my St Lucians at?", "Future just boom my island St Lucia," "Come Saint Lucia & Make The Video," "Congratulations future, every St Lucan is a fan now," and "I'm a St Lucian & I approve this message."

However some comments from Lucians on Twitter were less enthusiastic: "future wrote a song called st lucia and it’s not even good," "Future really named a track St.lucia and it wasn’t a vibe .. really? What a waste," "Ok... @1future ....NEVER USE ST.LUCIA’S Name In A TRASH (blank) SONG LIKE THAT AGAIN ...ON VF." 

As website Genius puts it, the St Lucia song is "a boastful track" where Future "boasts about his lavish lifestyle and sexual prowess." Future uses a visit to the island as a means of displaying his high status and wealth saying, "I'm a big dawg, I'ma (blank) my girl in St. Lucia's (I'm outta here), I ran a check through a money machine, then I seduced her."

Vice says, "St. Lucia” details the romantic choices he makes that he knows only cause him pain. He’s not sorry, really, but he says he wants to be saved. That’s probably part true, but he’s also kinda just flexing on the priest on the other side of the confessional booth—outlining his transgressions with a grin. He asks for redemption, but he also seems to be saying to everyone else: you’re leaving the same kind of destruction in your wake. “Tryna fight temptation, something I need to pray about,” He sings on “St. Lucia.” “Tried to talk to the pastor, found out he doin' the same thing.” Even holy men are stuck in this life of sin."

DJ Booth says of the song, "The words are fluid; the lyrics are just flooding out of him. I'm sure his life can't be real. How he sings about women, and the imagery of their relations, always sounds surreal." They say of the project as a whole, "Personal reflection isn’t new terrain for Future, he is consistently poignant, but SAVE ME is lifestyle music that stares in the mirror. We hear a playboy fatigued by the playing; a drug user who is feeling the abuse; the rich rapper who can’t save his soul with cash."

A key figure in the sometimes derided 'mumble rap' subgenre, Future has nevertheless secured both popular and critical acclaim, most notably with 2015's DS2 and 2017's Hndrxx.

The Save Me title is an explicit signal to the dark side of the hedonistic, drug-fueled lifestyle he speaks about in his music. However, website Uproxx's review says, "Despite its dire-sounding title, Future’s Save Me is ultimately less a cry for help than an earnest expression of his desire for a stable relationship."

Future has had 84 appearances on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, peaking with 2017's meme-inspiring Mask Off which climbed up to number 5.

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