Wednesday 8 April, 2020

Infrastructure Ministry embarks on road safety initiative in schools

The Ministry of Infrastructure has embarked on a road safety initiative with a number of schools around the island.

Road safety is a high priority and the ministry saw it fitting to undertake this initiative in developing a whole-school approach to road safety educating the young children.

"We are teaming up with some schools on looking at road safety for children, how to use the road safely, how to cross under different conditions," Civil Engineer in the Department of Infrastructure, Sherman Sylvester told Loop News Thursday.

Students of grades two and four at a number of schools, including the Grande Riviere Primary School, who were seen engaging in this morning's exercise, must prepare a school-based assessment on road safety and have engaged the Ministry of Infrastructure for assistance.

"We are always willing to move forward when it comes to improving or initiatives on helping with road safety for all pedestrians and motorists," Sylvester declared.

According to him, one of the major issues with pedestrians is their incorrect use of the pedestrian crossing.

"They simply just go across the pedestrian crossing, they dont exercise what they suppose to do for example stop, look, listen and think. We have some persons crossing distracted with handheld devices and all of this put our pedestrians at risk," the engineer said.

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