Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Scott’s Moss serves sea moss smoothies with a twist

Known for their creative menu items, Scott’s Moss serves the ultimate powerhouse of nutrients and flavor in their unique sea moss smoothie blends.

Founded by Gaspard Ryan Scott, the business produces premium, soul-satisfying sea moss smoothies that are delivered right to your doorstep. The smoothies are so hearty and tasty that their customers call it 'a meal in a bottle’.

Scott’s mom passed away last year from chronic diabetes but before she passed, he started making different sea moss smoothie combinations to add to her diet. During that time, he noticed that after consuming the smoothies, she was more uplifted, more mobile and more active which led him to conclude that the smoothies possessed great health benefits. This is why Scott’s Moss was established.

Scott and his team started by creating regular sea moss drinks with milk but they wanted to appeal to the health-conscious so they shifted to using coconut milk.

“We wanted to be different, we wanted to represent the right audience so we went more on the healthier side of things where we got rid of the cow’s milk which builds a lot of mucus in the body. I embarked on using coconut milk because I wanted to bridge the gap between the vegans out there, the health-conscious. I played around with a few options, almond milk, oat milk and I found their flavors were bland and flat but the coconut milk makes everything beautiful.”

Scott's Moss has appealing vibes and amazing smoothies that differentiates them from every other sea moss business. Their first sea moss flavor, aloe, one of the most bitterly disgusting plants you may think of, surprisingly had rave reviews. They then developed Baginger (banana and ginger sea moss smoothie) and now sell over fifty different flavors.

The Garden Mix is one of the most highly recommended items on the menu. It is a very effective immune booster made of parsley, dill, kale, mint cucumber, ginger and a splash of lime perfect to start your day, especially in this COVID-19 era. Although it may not sound like the best-tasting thing in the world, I guarantee you will fall in love with how delicious it is.

Some of the other more popular blends include the Super Mix energy booster, Nutz and Tingz, Fruit Musli, Pink Crack-A-Lack, BBC, Black Gold which is a Guinness punch available every Friday, Rated R (beet, parsley and dill) recommended for ladies to replenish the blood supply, GT (ginger and turmeric) and seasonal options are also available such as fruit cake for the Christmas season.

“What COVID did for us was open our eyes. It was a time for us to reflect, sit back, plan ahead of what it now is. We had to prepare ourselves then, now and for next year. Now we see persons wanting a healthier life. It started off slow as everyone was in a panic but now as the economy is somewhat picking up slightly, persons are now reaching out to us. They’re looking for the boosters, the Scott’s Moss love where we give them the right ingredients, flavor and the right bottle for them.”

Scott encourages all upcoming entrepreneurs to have a plan, believe in themselves and above all never give up on their dreams. To keep up with the latest developments from Scott’s Moss, follow them on Instagram @scottsmoss758, Facebook Scott’s Moss, call or Whatsapp 1-758-719-2587 to place your orders.

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