Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Secure St Lucia Welfare Committee Severing Ties with NWU

The Secure St. Lucia LTD Welfare Committee – re-purposed and reenergized and with the backing of several employees has again taken up the mantle to be their voice and provide assistance to amicably address internal matters.

A number of employees have signalled their intent to Committee members to part ways with the National Workers Union and as such the process to sever ties has been initiated.

Guided by the provisions in the Labour Code, the employees through the Committee have taken the appropriate action to de-unionize from the National Workers Union and have kept the Department of Labour fully abreast on the situation.

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The composition of the Welfare Committee which has been embedded in the company for well over three [3] years comprises a diverse range of capable employees from various departments whose tenures ranges from one [1] year to fifteen [15] years as a Secure St. Lucia staff.

Among the key initiatives of the Welfare Committee is to be the first point of contact for employees with a view to address and direct any concerns through the appropriate channels.

The Welfare Committee seeks to engender a work environment at Secure St. Lucia LTD that is productive, efficient and in the best interest of the employees.

The Welfare Committee has already undertaken moral boosting activities which included a free power breakfast initiative that benefitted more than 200 employees across three [3] branches.

Additionally, the Welfare Committee is at an advanced stage to formalize the establishment of a school bursary program and, provide access to an affordable financing facility which would be made available to all employees.

Further, the Welfare Committee is aware management has paid out more than half of outstanding overtime dues to a significant number of its employees. An agreement with the management of Secure St. Lucia LTD on a timeline to settle remaining payments has also been finalized.

Employees have responded favourably to the reinvigorated Welfare Committee and have expressed confidence that their concerns would be better handled by those who stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

To ensure the Committee meets its objectives, regular meetings along with other innovative, employee oriented exercises have been scheduled over the coming months

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