Saturday 4 July, 2020

Sleepless nights for father of Laborie girl missing for over a month

After being missing for over a month, the family of Ania Sanghanoo has still not been able to find her and has no inkling about her whereabouts.

Eldrin Francis, the father of the missing fourteen-year-old girl, told Loop News in an interview that since her disappearance both the police and family members have been searching several communities in the south of the island to find her but to no avail. He said the family has not given up and will continue their search.

Francis said the family is having a difficult time coping with the harsh reality. This is the fourth time she has gone missing.

“Right now, I can’t sleep properly. I am talking in my sleep,” he grieved.

According to the distraught father, the last time his daughter went missing she gave him the wrong information as to where she was living. He added that the information she gave him regarding her whereabouts was different from what she had given to the police.

As such, he is unable to check where she had been previously to see whether she had returned there.

According to Francis, she told him then that she was with a female friend in Bruceville (Shantytown) in Vieux-Fort, but he realized it was not true.

He said during that time while she was hiding from her family, the missing girl would tell her father that she saw him often but would not call to him. “She was even able to tell me the color of the clothes I was wearing whenever she saw me….” Eldrin said.

His wife, Meliana Francis, who is the stepmother of the missing teen, said she just doesn’t know what to do again. “I am in distress,” she grieved.

Since Ania's disappearance, the family has received information that she was seen in Choiseul, Laborie, Vieux-Fort and Babonneau, but has not been able to confirm any such information.

Ania, a student of the Piaye Secondary School, has been missing since January 5, 2020, after leaving her stepmother’s home with whom she lives in Banse, Laborie to attend a prayer session at her grandmother who lives next door.

Anyone with information regarding Ania Sanghanoo's whereabouts is asked to call 7162027, 7230537 or the nearest police station.

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