Monday 6 July, 2020

SLHTA outlines plans for 2020

SLHTA President, Karolin Troubetzkoy

SLHTA President, Karolin Troubetzkoy

With a very promising vision, the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA) has outlined a three-year strategic plan along with a series of activities and events in the form of social mixers, committees, sector-specific meetings and training initiatives to engage its members for the new year 2020.

SLHTA President Karolin Troubetzkoy in her New Years address noted a few of their endeavors for the year which include:

  1. Conducting frequent exchanges with public sector partners such as the SLTA, Events Saint Lucia and Ministry of Tourism to improve the tourism product therefore delivering an outstanding experience for visitors
  2. Relaunching
  3. Building meaningful linkages with other economic sectors
  4. Advocating for fairer taxation for members
  5. Highlighting areas of conflict between members and various tourism sectors and providing solutions
  6. Promoting environmental sustainability including climate change resilience, environmental management and disaster risk management
  7. Providing expertise and assisting members to excel in their business performance
  8. Tackling safety and security on land and water, health care, human rights, education, employment and entrepreneurship along with the Saint Lucia Private Sector Council

According to Troubetzkoy, Climate change remains a priority for the SLHTA as it has been for the past seven years.

“Equally important not only to the SLHTA but the entire country is promoting environmental sustainability including climate change resilience, environmental management and disaster risk management. This includes greater advocacy for the protection of our marine life and coastal areas, reduction of our food import bill, responsible waste management and plastic reduction. Rising sea levels require a discussion about location of future tourism developments. We look forward to playing a proactive role in tackling these challenges together with a wide cross-section of public and private sector stakeholders.”

The organization is currently in talks with the UK based Travel Foundation to have an environmental officer attached to the SLHTA in 2020.

One of the greatest success stories of the SLHTA to date is TEF which has contributed over 5 million dollars towards local projects and activities and as a result one of the main visions of the SLHTA for 2020 is more support and financial contributions for TEF from their allied members.

Whilst the SLHTA is aware of the many local, regional and indeed global challenges ahead, they have vowed to ensure that the benefits of tourism reach far and wide in the economy in 2020.

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