Friday 10 April, 2020

SLP marching on anniversary of St Jude fire

The Saint Lucia Labour Party invites all patriotic Saint Lucians to a march and mass protest rally on Sunday 9th September 2018 in Castries to protest against the Allen Chastanet led UWP Government whose policies are bleeding this country and destroying our institutions one by one. September 9th is the anniversary of the unfortunate St. Jude Hospital fire.

Since June 2016 the people of Saint Lucia have been subjected to the reckless incompetence and dictatorial attitude of Prime Minister Chastanet and Members of his Cabinet. We have witnessed with alarm, the selling out of Saint Lucian lands and patrimony to foreign interests; an ever-deepening health crisis with the failure to operationalise the country’s two major hospitals; corruption and bad governance, rising unemployment and gross mismanagement of the economy. The UWP that promised the people of Saint Lucia, Five to Stay Alive, and “ching ching” in their pockets, if elected to office, is now clearly and visibly taking our country down a path of destruction.

We as a people need to stop them.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling upon all Saint Lucians to come together and make our voices heard in protest against a clueless and vindictive government. You must not remain silent and uncounted when the future of our country and our children is in peril from this UWP administration.

Protesters are expected to start assembling on the Vigie Playing Field from 2.30 p.m. on Sunday 9th September and then to march along the John Compton Highway to the Market Steps for a massive protest rally to be addressed by speakers representing various sectors of our society.

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