Saturday 20 October, 2018

SLP to Pressure Government in 2018

The opposition St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has vowed to come out with guns blazing this year promising to hold the government accountable on a number of issues including but not limited to the St. Jude Hospital fiasco, DSH and crime.

Leader Philip J Pierre did not mince words when he presented the party as a fighting mechanism more than prepared to take the fight to the government at a press conference Thursday.

“The party will be in a high state of vigilance,” Pierre said, further stating that in the case of St. Jude the party will be on the ball to get government to complete the structure, since there is money available for its completion.

St. Jude, he said, is not about politicians and the scoring of political points by politicians but all about the people of the southern belt.

“Government”, Pierre said, “will be pressured to continue work on St. Jude.”

He also promised to pressure government to provide clarity on the DSH issue adding that “the issue of crime will be at the forefront of the SLP thoughts.”

He promised to hold press conferences every Thursday. The party, he said, will be robust and will look after the interest of St. Lucians.

The St. Lucia Labour Party, Pierre said will not be pushed, will demand good governance from the government and call on the government to give a progress report on how it is dealing with the European Union’s blacklisting of it.