Monday 21 May, 2018

SLP Promises DSH Removal on Entering Office

The St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) last night issued a warning to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to either listen to the people now or face another protest march.

The party also promised to get St. Lucia out of the DSH deal should it get into office, noting that the country belongs to the people of St. Lucia and as such politicians should listen to them.

The remarks were made at a rally last night attended by thousands of people.

Party supporters, sympathizers and persons against the Desert Star Holding (DSH) project and the proposed dolphinarium for the Pigeon Island National Landmark flocked to the march which started from the Sabs Playing Field in Vigie.

Hundreds of marchers began the trek down the lower end of the John Compton Highway expanding to thousands by the time Jeremie Street was reached.

“I want to thank you for having commitment to the cause of St. Lucia. I want to thank you for fighting the victimization of this government. I want to thank you for showing that even though a minister can say you just start to cry, you showed him that you will stand up for your rights,” political leader Phillip J Pierre said.

Alva Baptiste, the party’s spokesperson on foreign affairs called on Chastanet to retreat from the DSH deal.

“Today I see the commencement of a patriotic movement of all St. Lucians, not just Labourites but of persons who were on the other side of the fence, persons who were not aligned and others are coming together,” Baptiste said.

He called the government callous and wicked for increasing the price of gasoline and closing down certain statutory bodies. Baptiste also had words for the Chairman of DSH, Teo Ah Khing saying he is not the boss of St. Lucia.

“As soon as the SLP gets into office we are getting out of the DSH deal,” Baptiste said, adding that no international court will give Khing any rights because from day one the people had been objecting to that deal.

“The eyes of the entire world are fixed on this country. Never before in the history of the Caribbean islands have we seen that level of nonsense,” Baptiste said.

SLP National Protest March

Former party leader and Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony praised St. Lucians for turning out in the numbers they did for the march. He told them they were not afraid to fight for their country and by their turnout sent a message to Chastanet that they are not afraid of him.

“We will not allow you to sell our country for a mash of porridge,” Anthony said, directing his remarks to the Prime Minister.

Anthony stated that the large turnout to his party's call to march against the government for its refusal to stop the DSH deal was a small step for each person who participated in the march but collectively a giant step for the country.